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New Orleans native Andrew Duhon came to join us in The Amazing Sessions studio to share with us two songs from his burgeoning songbook. Telling stories is Andrew's thing and his mixture of folk-pop, blues and roots is the perfect vessel for intricate, emotional and witty tales of love, loss and small-town America amongst other topics.

We picked Andrew up from the local bus station and it wasn't hard to pick him out of the crowd. It wasn't the front-man looks, rather the industrial strength guitar gig bag and the back-pack weighed down with merch. We caught Andrew slap bang in the middle of a self-funded, self-promoted UK tour before he performed at Newcastle's Think Tank supporting Hoodlums. Andrew's the epitome of a DIY artist and his second European tour in as many years was as ambitious as the first.

Touring solo and travelling by the least cost route, taking in London, Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle , Leeds, Centerbury, Brighton, and Edinburgh would take its toll on many a performer but Andrew is a consumate professional. Our session with him was gloriously simple - three songs (one of which is a drinking song played just for us and not for public consumption) with a maximum of two takes for each song. We were treated to Just Another Beautiful Girl and Evelyn both taken from his album The Moorings which you can find over at Not afraid to take a chance Andrew ad-libbed the harmonica on Just Another Beautiful Girl, something he'd never done with that song, presumably to keep it fresh after playing the track night after night.

This is Andrew's fifth trip to the UK, with each visit garnering more dates and cementing relationships with venues, promoters and fans alike. We asked Andrew about touring, writing on the road and his plans for the future and found that Andrew is hugely inspired by his visits to the UK. It became clear that his touring schedule allows for ideas to flow into his mind, rather than the creation of fully formed tunes. He's an artist hell-bent on improving, writing better songs and connecting with more people. We think he's doing a pretty good job of all that so far, with this session testament to his skill as a writer and a performer.