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Over in the UK on tour, Canadian Tribal-Pop band, Bravestation dropped in to Blank Studios to record a couple of exclusive live sessions. Layering their tracks with rolling percussion and ambient samples whilst shifting effortlessly in and out of falsetto vocals, Bravestation's complex and accomplished sound saw them take to the Evolution Festival mainstage alongside Iggy and the Stooges and The Kills this summer.

You've been on tour for a few weeks here in the UK, what do you make of the music scene here?

We love the UK, people are so passionate about music outside of the mainstream and there are so many cool venues and scenes. The cities are so big, and so close, absolutely brilliant for touring.

What's been the highlights for you guys, any specific shows?

Sharing the mainstage at Evolution with Iggy and the Stooges, The Kills and Two Door Cinema Club at Evolution Festival in Newcastle was surreal! Though all the shows were a blast and hold a special place in our hearts. Liverpool, London and Brighton were a few of our favs.

For those that don't know, how did you form and how did you all meet?

Devin, Jeremy and I grew up in a small city in Canada and ventured to Toronto for school and to pursue our musical aspirations. I met Andrew at a recording arts school working on a year-end demo project and we formed the band during those sessions.

The first thing I noticed about the band was how you integrate electronic samples and beats into your sound. These days I think a lot of bands get steered towards this need to create a huge live sound. Has this always been part of you from the start or was it a progression of creating a bigger and bigger sound?

Our first EP was as straightforward as they come, four to the floor post-punk/new wave. We have so many influences though, and over time our sound has developed naturally because of that. We've just decided that incorporating as much of that diversity as possible into our sound makes for a much more creative and fulfilling experience.

Coming from Canada, what are your views on the music industry both worldwide and at home, do you think Canada is a good place to try and 'make it' (I know they have been quite supportive of sending bands over here)?

Canada produces some great talent, however I think because we're so assimilated with the US people have a propensity towards certain genres of music like rock and country for example. That combined with the fact that we have a low population density, brutally long drives between touring stops and few major cities with strong music industries, make it really difficult to succeed.

I'm always interested to find out bands' influences as opposed to "we sound like these..." So who was it that helped influence you guys individually?

We all enjoy Yeasayer and Wild Beasts. Devin enjoys Fleet Foxes, Andrew was listening to a lot of Painted Palms in the van on tour, and Jeremy is all about the chillwave and meditation-type tracks ;) I like The Killers, Foals, Joy Division and many more of course. A few of us grew up on Nirvana and really enjoy The Doors.

If you could give one piece of advice to emerging bands or artists, what would it be?

Stick to your creative vision no matter what the cost and realize it's always worth investing in yourself. The peaks are high, and the valleys are low, but if you really believe in your art and persevere, you'll be rewarded.

What other emerging bands would you suggest our readers check out, either personal favourites or bands you've played with?

Local favourites include Young Empires, Freedom or Death and Nightbox. We played with some excellent bands on our UK tour, including Our Peace (Birmingham) and Toyger (Middlesborough) to name a couple.

Lastly, what's next for you?

We're currently finishing up our debut full-length that will be complete in the next month or two. We'll be touring in support of the album in early 2012.

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