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As Cloud Control head out on a European tour we thought we'd revisit their session and introduce you to the video we kept quiet, Gold Canary. The track is a charming, alternative pop affair, fizzing with energy and stunning harmonies. We hammered the track last summer on Amazing Radio and in these dark days of February it's already cheering us up again.

The band hit the HMV Institute in Birmingham on Sunday 12th February and The Electric Ballroom in London on the 17th.


We've been sending our love the way of stand-out tracks Death Cloud and Gold Canary all year and we couldn't wait to get them in the studio during their UK tour this year. Hailing from Australia, the band won the Australian Music Prize this year for their debut album, Bliss Release. After the session we caught up with singer and guitarist, Alistair.

We've been playing Gold Canary throughout the summer and love it - do you still enjoy playing it live?

Yeah, I still love playing it live. We've played it so many times, I think if we were going to get sick of it, we would have by now. It still feels good.

How important was the signing to Infectious Music? And how much creative control have you managed to retain?

We needed a label overseas to tour and break new countries. It wasn't really viable for us to get out of Australia without the support of a label.

Creative control? Last meeting we had with Korda (our label boss) he said we could take the advance and record a whole album without consulting the label and they would release it. Cool! But I think we will talk to Infectious through the recording process 'cause they're pretty cool.

You won the Australian Music Prize earlier this year, how pleased were you when you heard the news?

We were in France on another European tour when we found out we had won. I think the award is like the icing on the cake. It's meaningful (especially now Ulrich (Cloud Control drummer) is helping judge the next award and is aware of how rigorous the selection process is) and we are very grateful. I remember recording the album at Jeremy's mum's house - winning the Australian Music Prize was the furthest thing from my mind, as was touring the world and playing to more than a couple of hundred fans.

Looking at your schedule from the start of the year it seems you've been pretty hectic! Including a stint in Texas at SXSW. How did you guys find it?

It was pretty hectic, at one point we had four shows in one day, and from what I hear that is pretty normal.

We also heard that you were asked to support Foo Fighters back in summer too - had you played to that many people before? How does it compare to the bar shows in the middle of Texas at SXSW?!

Yeah it is very different, I think it's cool that those guys came and played a show without getting paid to support Brisbane flood relief.

Your first album Bliss Release was really well received - were you anxious to get out on your own headline tour over here in the UK?

I thought I would still be studying architecture. There never has been a plan but we are all heavily into music so we are really just along for the ride.

How did you find the session with us? Are you used to recording live or do you prefer a different approach?

We actually are fairly into recording live, most of our studio recordings are done live too. So yeah, the session was cool, thanks for having us!

What's coming up next for Cloud Control?

After this tour with The Drums we head back to Oz for some summer festivals and Christmas, then we have to start making our second album happen.

Are any of you involved in any new musical side-projects we should be looking out for?

Haha no. One day. I have some shady plans.

Lastly, are there any emerging bands you've seen, or played with, that have had a particular impact on you?

Anything off the Clams Casino rainforest EP. Or maybe Easy by Pure X.

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