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Over the next two weeks we'll be highlighting the incredible live sessions featured on Simon Raymonde's Amazing Radio show. Former Cocteau Twin, head of indie label Bella Union and Amazing Radio presenter, Simon has invited some of the best new artists to his studio to play live. Amongst them are Manchester's newest stars M O N E Y, grandiose songstress Jesca Hoop and today's feature Coves.

It seems like there's a lot of talk about Coves. And with good reason. Their EP, Cast a Shadow, satisfies all of our cravings for great guitar music; which seems so weirdly difficult to come across these days. Maybe our standards are getting higher. Coves are a duo that make it sound easy. Boy on guitar, girl on vocals (John Ridgard and Beck Wood respectively) and together they have a dark aesthetic mirroring the fuzzy sound they create. Yet there's something a little bit cute about it all too, with melodies in all the right places, sweetening the dirty guitars.

They are quite something to behold live, we could try and explain but quite frankly The Von Pip Musical Express said it better than we could. "Beck's presence is captivating and against the backdrop of John’s gritty guitars, her voice is scintillating. Genuinely, this is one of the more exciting gigs I’ve witnessed in this kind of environment." Which is probably why Simon Raymonde couldn't resist getting them into his studio for a live session.

The band recorded four tracks in total, including the title track from the EP, Cast a Shadow as well as the 60's rock'n'roll sounding Fall out of Love, the more intimate jam, Fool For Your Face and the dark, marching Run With Me.

Their Cast a Shadow EP is available digitally and on 7" vinyl now on Cross Keys Records.