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Dimbleby & Capper is a slightly eccentric electronic-pop project masterminded by singer and producer Laura Bettinson. After hammering her track Let You Go on Amazing Radio, we invited Laura and the band into Blank studios to record a couple of live tracks exclusively for us. The video above is Educated which will be Dimbleby & Capper's next single.

So, when you came into our studios a couple of weeks ago you and your bandmates were leaving for Kendall Calling that same day - have you nearly finished gigging for the summer or do you have more lined up after Festibelly?

After Festibelly we've got a gig at The Nest in Dalston on 3rd September supporting Shake Aletti, and then we're off to Bestival 8-11th September, playing the REPLAY stage. When we get back we're playing White Heat, Madame Jojos on 4th October and that's about all for now! But there'll be more shows confirmed soon.

You're already renowned for being a producer and remixer in your own right, do you ever prefer that to making your own music?

Sometimes if I've been working on D&C stuff for a long slog it's nice to take some time off to mess around with other people's music. Although I think I have a very distinctive production and vocal style so even when I'm remixing or singing on someone else's music you can almost always tell it's me straight off! At the moment I'm writing some film music for a comedy short about an alien courier- totally out of the box in terms of what I usually do but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

The tracks we've been playing on Amazing Radio have always been incredibly well received, Raise it Right and Let You Go are both favourites of mine - what are your plans for future releases?

There is about three albums worth of material written! It's just a matter of bringing the right songs together and polishing them all off. You'll definitely see another release from me before the year is out and most definitely an album in 2012- all depends on funding/investment and what's going on behind the scenes. But fingers crossed- will keep you posted.

It seems from the effort that goes into your music videos and your stage shows that you and your band really enjoy the theatricality that goes hand in hand with your tracks - how important to music do you think the costume and the staging is?

I just love dressing up and thankfully so do the band! I've always had a fairly eccentric take on 'style' and the music I make tends to be a complete mash-up of different styles and genres also. When I started writing and producing the more beat based music I've been making recently I wanted a live show that was as surreal as the stuff I imagine when writing it so I got two great friends of mine involved as dancers and we literally just make up dance routines in my flat like 10 year olds and put them to the music!

Once we don the wigs and costumes it suddenly becomes a real spectacle, they really frame my performance. They're like two living dolls either side of me and I'm just the kid in the middle that got lost in the toy box! There's a comfort in numbers and I'm very lucky to find myself surrounded by actors, dancers and performance artists on a daily basis and we all bounce ideas off each other! Here's a live gig we did recently which shows you what it's like at one of our gigs: CLICK.

When it comes to playing live or to recording your tracks for release, is there a definitive process whereby you write and record everything yourself first and relay it to the band? Or is it a more collaborative affair?

For the D&C shows it will almost always be relayed to the band in rehearsals as I tend to write as a producer all in one go so when transferring that to a live situation it will mean taking out the programmed drums and recorded bass and replacing that with the live players. We're yet to write a collaborative track together- there are only so many hours in the day!

The tracks from the session sound amazing, especially Educated which has a bit of a 90's R&B type of vibe to it (that's definitely intended as a compliment by the way) - how did you find the day itself?

That day was super fun. My parents are from the North East originally so it was nice to get up there for the day and see a bit of Newcastle again. The studio was great and all you guys are so lovely- we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! As for Educated - that's THE ONE man. Every time we play it live people want to get their hands on it- as good sign I think. I should re-name the project Dimbleby & Catchy.

Speaking of Educated, you kindly put the stems up on as part of our Bestival remix competition - how have the entries been so far? How are you going to decide on the winner?

What a great idea that was! There have been a couple of really stellar entries I've heard so far and looking forward to hearing more. As for how I'll decide a winner you usually just get a gut reaction from something, the best will just smack me in the face and I'll know. My body will tell me which one is the one- always does!

Any upcoming gigs or releases that we should know about?

The Nest, Dalston, 3rd September or come and catch us live at Bestival on the REPLAY stage and get yourselves down to White Heat on 4th October. They'll be more music and videos soon so keep your eyes are ears peeled for those too!

Check out more from Dimbleby & Capper at their profile.