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Dutch Uncles are a wonderfully eccentric pop band. Who else gets away with a piccolo solo in song? What about two? The band, signed to Memphis Industries are no strangers to Amazing Radio and are currently on our playlist with latest single Flexxin. Few artists have featured in amazing's top 20 four times but having first been played on Amazing Radio back in 2011 Dutch Uncles have done just that.

We've followed the band closely and team amazing have caught them live on a number of occassions including a wonderful performances at Split Festival in 2011. The band have just finished a ten date U.K. tour in support of their latest album Out Of Touch In The Wild and joined us to record Fester and Bellio on the eve of the tour's first gig at Newcastle's Cluny. Fresh from tour rehearsals, the session was tight and effortless and reports from that evening's gig have provided similar feedback about a live band at the top of their game.

Loading in for the session found the band in good spirits with a box full of new merch and a neatly packed tour van. It was clear this was early days and no doubt the van would see countless spillages and litter piles accrue over the coming days. Amazing Radio's Greg Porter caught up with Dutch Uncles' front-man Duncan as the rest of the band set up for the session and chatted about playing to growing crowds, the relase of the third album and how the band's music is shaped when they're on the road. Take a listen to the interview in full below.

The band are captivating and flawless in their live delivery and we can't wait to see them at Beacons Festival in 2013.