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This week we welcome Teeside based four-piece (and some of the most exciting new kids on the block) Eeves into The Amazing Sessions.

Their debut track So Long Hurricane has been receiving a whole load of attention since appearing online, even making it to our Amazing Afternoons' Record Of The Week slot! With festival appearances in the pipeline and plans for a physical release, the three Masterman brothers (Stephen on bass, Andrew on Guitar and Thomas on drums) plus long time friend Peter McDonald have a busy few months ahead.

We caught up with Pete after the session to get a little more information.

Hello Eeves! We loved having you guys come in for The Amazing Sessions – more importantly though, how was it for you?

Hey, we really appreciate being invited along to do it, its been a great new experience, we had a blast!

So are you used to recording in that way - as a full band - or was it all a bit brand new?

You're our first! We'd never recorded 'live' like that before so we all found it pretty insightful. It's a cool way to hear bands we think, kind of live, raw and as intended.

Speaking of recording, can you tell us a bit about the Eeves set up as it stands - is there an even split when it comes to writing and recording, or does one of you take the lead when it comes to creative control?

We write pretty basically really. It often starts with a spark or an idea in rehearsal that opens ups from there. We never try to force anything when writing and all tend to share a collective idea in terms of direction.

Usually it starts or ends with Peter writing the lyrics and around that we work on creating the progression. Luckily we always seem to agree when we've reached it. We then tweak or adjust any sections or individual parts until we're unanimously happy. The speed of the process is different every time (sometimes a song can arrive fully formed in a matter of a couple hours) and we're always trying to approach it in different ways to keep things interesting for us as well as the listener.

Your track So Long Hurricane was incredibly popular here at the station back when you first uploaded to, is it one of your own favourites too or are you looking forward to playing your more recent material?

Yes, So Long Hurricane is definitely a favourite of ours, and it's a fun song to play live. I think that's just one of those instances where we feel the track became greater than the sum of its parts, capturing something we're definitely excited about sharing. We're thrilled that it's been given a great reception!

During the session you recorded both So Long Hurricane and Silhouette - any plans to release them as a single?

Yeah, we're currently in talks about putting out a release of those tracks along with one or two more potentially.. I think it's something that's going to happen in the coming months so we can have our release out for the summer.

What are your plans regarding singles/EPs/ future albums etc - do you have timescales in mind or are you taking a more organic approach?

At the minute we're focusing on a new batch of ideas that we're excited to finish and record. There's some cool ideas floating around that will definitely add weight to our live set and cement Eeves' sound. After the coming release we're most likely going to head straight back into the studio and continue the recording and try and keep up momentum... recording an album is definitely something we would love to do given the opportunity! Another release towards the end of the year is definitely on the cards.

Regarding future plans, Eeves were a firm favourite to play Evolution Emerging Festival in your hometown - are you looking forward to it? Can you tell us a bit about your plans as a band for the rest of 2012?

We were ecstatic to find out we'd been picked to play, even more so that we got the chance to open The Cluny bill and we're looking forward to airing some new music for that particular gig. After a small release we'll be spending as much time in the rehearsal space as possible, trying to do justice to the new ideas. We're also aiming to venture a little further afield over the Summer and Autumn months and hopefully play some cities we've not had the chance to play yet.

Lastly, are there any artists you've heard or played with lately that have particularly impressed you? Anyone we should look out for?

We're all avid listeners of Amazing Radio, lately we have been particularly enjoying Breton's - Interference. Also, we managed to catch The Jezabels' show at The Cluny in late February and we were all blown away, great band.

Check out more from the band at their profile.