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Hannah Cohen


Over the next two weeks we'll be highlighting the incredible live sessions featured on Simon Raymonde's Amazing Radio show. Former Cocteau Twin, head of indie label Bella Union and Amazing Radio presenter, Simon has invited some of the best new artists to his studio to play live. Amongst them are the hazy psychedelia of Pinkunoizu, grandiose songstress Jesca Hoop and today's feature Hannah Cohen.

Hannah Cohen is a model, photographer and musician based out of New York. We can't help but think of her as a modern day Warhol Superstar. She would frequent the legendary East Village parties, immerse herself with the city's creative elite, pose for artists and shoot album covers and music videos.

In the subdued quiet of the night's darkest hours, as parties trickled to a close, she would teach herself guitar and write intimate, private lovesongs. They were tinted with a certain darkness, exploring themes of loneliness and eventually they translated into the striking, melancholic tunes found on her debut record, Child Bride.

Released in the UK by Bella Union, it's no surprise that Simon Raymonde invited her in for live session and the results are stunning. Hannah performed four tracks from the album including Carry You Under, Don't Say, Sorry and The Crying Game.

Watch out for more from Hannah Cohen at Bella Union's profile.