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Forgive our excessive use of superlatives this week, but when some bright spark at Amazing Towers suggested doing a Rock Show session, we got a little excited. We got straight on the bat-phone to In Oceans and invited them down to the studio. What followed was a day spent trying to avoid hitting kamikaze pigeons, doing tapping duets on acoustic guitars and discussing curry, gig swaps and the Newcastle music scene. Ace.

Hailing from surrounding areas but meeting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, In Oceans have been described as Math Rock, Progressive Indie, Alternative Indie Rock, Alternative Indie Math Rock Metal... you see what I'm getting at.

Really, this just reflects the band's talent to merge their long list of eclectic influences to create a sound that is both hard hitting, yet melodic, progressive and intelligent at the same time. The guys at Rock Sound magazine have already recommended them to anyone who still mourns the passing of the late, great Blackfish from the label Big Scary Monsters (BSM) and they were later featured by BSM as part of a one-track-a-week feature on their website.

In the session the guys revealed that they would have not one, but two exclusives for and Amazing Radio. These are the early workings of their next release which will hopefully be out later this year. The first track 'Glass Fingers' dives you straight in at the deep end with intricate guitar tapping and poly-rhythms, hard hitting vocals and high energy throughout. This is concluded with a riff the size of Zeus's beard.

As you can see, In Oceans are a raw and energetic live band and we highly suggest getting to one of their gigs. They support Rolo Tamassi on May 8th at The Cluny in Newcastle and they've also been chosen to play the Cluny stage at Evolution Emerging - the official warm-up showcase event for the Evolution festival. Don't forget that Amazing Radio will be all over Evolution Emerging, recording sessions, grabbing interviews and generally just soaking up the very best new music in the North-East to present back to you.