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After having our faces melted with riffs in last week's session (in a good way!), we felt this week should have a nice change of pace. So from the math-alt-rock of the North-East, we take you to the warm and beautiful songs of Scottish singer-songwriter Kristina Cox.

Hailing from the small town of Greenock, Kristina went to James Watt College to study Music Performance where she met her manager Jamie Young. The last year has seen Kristina receive loads of Amazing Radio air play, share a stage with the likes of The Libertines and Pete Doherty and win Channel 4's Sound of the Cities competition out of the entirety of Scotland's entries! This won her a place onstage with both John Fratelli and KT Tunstall which was later aired as part of the Channel 4 series.

Both Kristina and Jamie joined us for a day of recording at Blank Studios, starting off with a track we know and love here at amazing, Sugar Cube. To say Kristina's voice is warm and intimate would be an understatement, it becomes immediately apparent that this is a girl you could put in any venue, any room with a microphone and a DI box and get a great performance that would make you stop and listen.

Currently working on an EP for release later this year, Kristina is working with New York based producer Rich Keller and has started a Postal Service style collaboration whereby Kristina records the basics for her songs at home, and then sends them over to Keller who works with them in his New York studio. In the coming months she will be flying to New York to finish the EP and collaborate face to face with Keller and, unsurprisingly, cannot wait!

Before switching to her piano, we were treated to another exclusive, Heart In A Cage showing Kristina's moodier darker song writing talents which I think you will agree carry the same intimacy and level of performance as her other tracks but show a wider scope of her ability and work.

So once we had the mammoth KORG piano set up again we started with an Amazing Radio favourite Know I which featured in The Amazing Chart. While setting up I asked her how she got into playing music and piano:

"I feel like I've been into it forever. My dad told me recently that I had a toy piano when I was about 4 or 5 years old and he was surprised to hear me playing the melodies of pop songs at the time."

Another exclusive to the session, She, takes us back to the quirky and almost theatrical style of Kristina's song writing showing itself immediately as a future favourite for her next release.

If you're in Scotland or fancy making the trip way up north, Kristina has a few small gigs around Glasgow this month, on the 19th at Pivo Pivo and the on the 28th at Cafe Continental which she describes as one of her favourite venues so get down if you can!

When asked what she thought of Amazing Radio Kristina said;

"Amazing Radio is just great. I've found a whole bunch of fantastic emerging musicians and bands who I now like to listen to on a regular basis and I've had a fair few people tell me they found my music through Amazing Radio, so aye! Keep it up!"

We sure will, in fact we'll be back next week with the phenomenal Ajimal in session. In the meantime, check out all of Kristina's session tracks and and our entire back catalogue at The Amazing Sessions profile page. See you next week!