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After playing Kyla's music on Amazing Radio for a while, hearing endless good things about her and watching her fan base grow and grow, we were extremely keen to see her at work in the studio.

It's fair to say we were not disappointed. Once set up and sound checked the band began rehearsing the four-part vocal harmonies of Been Better; myself and engineer Sam looked at each other as if to say "This is gonna be a good one".

The main thing that stood out to me as a producer/engineer was Kyla's character and distinction in her voice, especially over the middle 8 of Been Better where it really jumps out at you as something different. Describing her sound as 'Cathedral-like', she couldn't be more on the money. The sound she creates is huge with hints of Stevie Nicks in the vocal performance.

The next track Lambs, although a change of pace, keeps that very anthemic feel that she is becoming known for. All in all, a great songwriter, great band, go see her live and check out her single, you won't be disappointed.

Kyla currently sits at the top of our chart for the second time (the only artist ever to hit two number ones) with her glorious new single Been Better. Not only that but back in March Kyla held the top spot for 5 weeks with Walk Through Walls.

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