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Les Mistons sat at the top of our chart with the incredibly powerful Keep Flying. We couldn't resist bringing them in for a live session and interview.

So first things first, Les Mistons, where and why did that name come about?

The name is from a François Truffaut short about a group of rascally youngsters. When we chose the name we were 15 and in the middle of that frame of mind, getting into trouble at school so it seemed to fit.

You reached all the way to number one in our Amazing Chart with Keep Flying, how did it feel, were you expecting it at all?

Absolutely not! We never expected to do so well in the Amazing Chart let alone reach number 1. We were chuffed just to have made it to no.40 in the first week and it just kept getting better. To know that so many people have been listening to our music is a fantastic feeling. It’s made us much more satisfied with what we have done so far and how we want to move forward.

How did you all meet and come together as a band?

Well we've been close friends since school, slowly picking up instruments with each other I guess. We jumped in at the deep end a bit to begin with, trying to cover songs like New Born by Muse but it never hurts to be a little ambitious. We spent the last few years of school getting comfortable with covers, then only starting writing our own stuff when we all moved to London.

When talking to people I find it quite hard to pin down who or what you sound like, if you were to describe your sound to our listeners what would it be?

Yeah we find it quite hard to pin ourselves down to one genre, we aim to try and write songs which vary in style as much as possible. We all have our own specific music tastes and I think that comes out in the music. But I guess calling it electro indie wouldn't be far wrong.

Being an emerging band based in London, would you say it's the place to be or, with the constant stream of new talent rushing to it, a place where it's hard to be heard?

Yeah, one can see it as a double edged sword. It's cool because there are so many venues and nights going on, which makes it easy to play live and share your music with the world. But we have found that sometimes at the smaller grassroots places there are up to 5 bands playing together on the night. This can really be stressful because you don't get enough time to sound check and prepare for the show in full.

However, we love London and its scene and we wouldn't trade it for anywhere else, it's where everything happens.

Being a relatively new and young band, would you have any words of wisdom for our other emerging artists starting out?

Like you said, we're only new so we wouldn't want dish out any advice that might not end up working. Having said that, make sure you have a good relationship with everyone you're closely working with, it's hard to be creative if you're restricted by self consciousness. And get a good team around you.

So what have been some of the live gig highlights for you guys so far?

I don't think we're going to forget one of our earlier gigs at the Camden Enterprise any time soon, it was the first time we played at a fully packed venue. It was pretty terrifying actually. Cargo was another venue we all love, mainly because of the sound system they have there. We had never heard ourselves in that sort of quality before, and I guess it made us realise what our sound was capable of.

We would love to play NME Club night at KOKO soon - we love it in particular as we hang out at KOKO on every Friday night.

And what's next for you guys, your manager Daniel mentioned some studio time?

Yeah we're heading into the studio next weekend with our producer, which we are so excited about because up to this point all our recordings have been ones we've done ourselves at home. So yeah were going to get our current material done first, then just get writing and gigging as much as possible into the autumn. We are also doing a new noise competition with HMV to play at their HMV Apollo which were really looking forward to. The next round is at the Relentless Garage Downstairs on the 26th of July, its free entry so come along and check us out!

Lastly how was your experience of The Amazing Sessions ?

We had a brilliant time. Chris and Sam at Blank Studios are very hospitable and made it very relaxed and fun for us - which is important when you work in a studio to get the best possible performance. The sessions are amazing and look and sound exactly how we want to come across. We are very happy and so grateful for all support you provided for us!

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