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Over the next two weeks we'll be highlighting the incredible live sessions featured on Simon Raymonde's Amazing Radio show. Former Cocteau Twin, head of indie label Bella Union and Amazing Radio presenter, Simon has invited some of the best new artists to his studio to play live. Amongst them are the hazy psychedelia of Pinkunoizu, grandiose songstress Jesca Hoop and today's feature M O N E Y.

Manchester's M O N E Y are one of the genuinely breath-taking bands to have emerged this year. Their beautiful, magical tunes have captured our hearts here at amazing so much so that we invited them in for very special live session.

Their arrangements are minimal, yet the emotion they invoke is monumental; cathedral. If ever you can use 'cathedral' as an adjective, it's to describe M O N E Y. Their sound is wide with echo and reverb, the vocals haunting and full of mystique. So Long (God is Dead) might just be the single most moving track to emerge this decade; with the feeling and emotion dripping from each reverb-laden guitar note and each whispered vocal. And it's all the more beautiful played live.

M O N E Y were kind enough to grace us with 5 exclusive live recordings including a brand new track, Hold Me Forever.