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Over the next two weeks we'll be highlighting the incredible live sessions featured on Simon Raymonde's Amazing Radio show. Former Cocteau Twin, head of indie label Bella Union and Amazing Radio presenter, Simon has invited some of the best new artists to his studio to play live. Amongst them are the hazy psychedelia of Pinkunoizu, grandiose songstress Jesca Hoop and today's feature Philco Fiction.

If you're an emerging artist in 2012 then Norway is most definitely the place to be. While the rest of the world buckles under economic depression, in Norway music venues are subsidised, education is virtually free and grants are available for musicians who don't want the distractions of full time employment. OK, OK, so we're not government policy experts here at amazing. No doubt, there are intricacies to Norway's Arts Council that we couldn't fathom even with a white board, a very large mind-map and several litres of strong coffee. All we know is that whatever they're doing, it's working. Last week we blogged about Eye Emma Jedi who's latest single Sin has inspired an outbreak of air drumming in the amazing office since being added to our playlist. This week it's the turn of Oslo's Philco Fiction to be the object of our affection.

Listening to the title track from their EP, Finally, released back in March on Brilliance Records, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Kate Bush had teamed up with Jamie XX after listening to Prince records solidly for about a month. The tracks uploaded in January to are a tantalising taste of what's to come from the band's debut album, Take It Personally, when it drops in September. Carefully treading the line between complexity and accessibility, singer Turid Soldberg's airy vocals flutter delicately over reverberating piano and ambient synth textures held together by electronic beats and pulsating bass-lines. Sampled vocals and sparse arrangements are balanced with dangerously catchy synth melodies and more hooks than a fishing fleet.

It's a perfectly pitched proposition, finding fans in every corner of the amazing offices. Dani Charlton, a sucker for anything Scandinavian, is a fan, so is Paul Lester who made the three-piece his New Band of the Day in January and Simon Raymonde was so taken with the band that he invited them to his personal studios to record a session exclusively for Amazing Radio.

Turid, Bjarne and Andreas performed three tracks from their forthcoming album including the intoxicating Finally, Portrait of Silence and the desperately beautiful Help! We should warn you in advance, the hairs of the back of your neck will stand on end.

Take It Personally is out on September 10th via Something in Construction.