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Perhaps it's a romanticised view of their home-town, Whitley Bay, or a longing for tropical scenes elsewhere, but Polarsets have created the warmest samba-riddled jams this side of the Caribbean. Percussion heavy and punctuated with marimba synths, the three-piece have squeezed every ounce of sunshine into their dance-inspired tracks.

On the back of single releases with Kitsune, Neon Gold and MODA, the band are set to release an EP this May. We invited the band to our studio to record two new tracks exclusively for The Amazing Sessions. The blissed out sound you can hear above is Summer Related Name from that very EP. We caught up with singer Rob to chat about the new tracks, SXSW and the live session.

Hello Polarsets! You've just gotten back from SXSW - how was that? Was it a showcase you were playing?

South By was lurrsh and yeah it was a load of showcases we were playing. We did 7 shows in all. Drank many frozen margaritas and didn't sleep much. Acted like Geordies do in the sunshine.

Did you get to see any shows yourself - any favourite moments?

We saw Body Language play one day. We've played with them before and they're unreal. Got given some free sunglasses and whatnot from Nylon magazine, that was pretty sweet.

With regards to the session itself - how did you find the process as a whole? Are you used to recording that way?

When we recorded Morning we did it that way with all of us playing in the room together but as a general rule we track everything separately. It was cool, lots like rehearsing. James who engineered the session was great. Looking forward to hearing how it sounds.

We tracked two songs on the day, 'Distance' and 'Summer Related Name', both from your new EP. Is the EP itself finished yet? Can you tell us any firm plans for release?

No it isn't finished and no we can't tell you any firm plans about its release! 2 of the 4 tracks are done and we're hoping to get it out at some point in May. It's never wise to plan these things too strictly until all the tunes/photos/videos/website etc are compiled - so we're just working away at that at the minute.

You've released through labels like Kitsune in the past and the last single was put out via Neon Gold - will the EP be released the same way? With the same people?

The plan is to license the EP overseas and to release it on Euphonios Records in the UK. We'll probably avoid doing it in the States unless a really good label wanted to. But yeah plans are in place for Japan, Australia, South Africa maybe some places in Europe. We do much better outside of the UK anyway. But don't tell anyone at Euphonios!

As a band, who tends to have the creative control? Or is it more of a collaborative effort?

Very collaborative. As a general rule it's Rob on toplines and James and Mike on music but it varies from song to song. We'll all have input to our artwork and videos etc but often they're outsourced so we're more like producers than directors.

Now that you're back in the UK, what's up next? Any shows we can see you at?

Think our next show might well be quite a long way away but we can't say anything about that just yet. We'll hopefully do another Newcastle show again in May to release the new EP. Always got to have your launches at home!

Lastly, who have you been listening to lately - any new bands we should check out?

Body Language! NZCA/Lines, St Lucia, Martin Denny.

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