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Armed with nothing more than a piano and one of the most beautiful voices we've had in the studio yet, Rae Morris is an 18 year old who has caused quite a stir with her intimate and delicate piano tracks.

So the last year for you has been a roller coaster of gigs, airplay on Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing coverage as well as publishing and record deal offers. Has it been as much fun as it sounds?

It really has been a lot of fun. A lot of hard work, but definitely the most enjoyable time of my life so far. I always kind of think that if the only thing you can imagine yourself doing in life is working out for you, slowly but surely, how could you ever be anything but happy. I've been really lucky so far, I know that.

I came across some live reviews from your shows and there were talks of people being so moved by your sound they were brought to tears. How would you describe your sound to our listeners and where it came from?

Well I feel terrible, if that is true, that I've brought people to tears. It's strange that us as humans like being brought to tears by things isn't it! My sound is just me and my piano, and maybe that is why it comes across as quite an emotional thing. It's quite direct and hard hitting, and I think when I perform, I become pretty emotional myself because it's a very personal thing isn't it, confessing all to a room of strangers.

You've been hammering the live circuit in the North West and played a few shows in London too, what have been the live highlights for you so far?

I think my first London gig was quite a big one for me. I played at the Proud Galleries in Camden and it was a really busy night. It was just the thought of it being almost like a different level to the other gigs I had been doing. The whole atmosphere and vibe in the room was completely different to any other gig I've done.

I find that your tracks have a great sense of intimacy, but also achieve a dynamic journey through soft verse to epic chorus despite just being a piano and a voice. Are there any plans for more musicians or instrumentation in the future?

I think for now I'm really happy to continue just presenting myself to people as me and the piano. I feel like that's the only way to show people who I really am genuinely, without there being any confusion as to what it is I am doing. Maybe in the future yes. I'm a bit scared to say 'when I'm making a record', but if and when that happens, I'm excited to try things out.

After meeting your parents at the session, am I right in thinking they have played a big supportive role in your pursuit of a life in music?

Yes, they are absolutely incredible and I couldn't ask for anything more of them. I am so family oriented that they come everywhere with me. I really like it though, I've never been afraid to spend time with my family and enjoy their company more than anyone else! Haha! They've ferried me around far too much though and hopefully they can rest soon… I feel quite guilty.

You recently signed a publishing deal with Universal and are in talks with a handful of labels. Being where most emerging artists dream of, what would be your advice to people starting out?

I know, I'm in a really fortunate position and I hope that people know that I genuinely appreciate it. I don't feel like I deserve such luck, but all I can say is that I did a lot of gigging and really launched my whole self into music. I don't know, I think just really feel where you want to be and run there.

So what can we expect to see from Rae Morris over the next 6 months?

I'm really not sure you know. I hope to have more footage of my gigs online and perhaps be in the position to be gigging a lot more… a tour would be ideal. I am a dreamer haha!

Lastly how was your Amazing Sessions experience over at Blank Studios?

It was absolutely wonderful. You made me and my mum and dad feel very happy. thank you for having me!

Check out more from Rae Morris at her profile.