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It has to be said; there are many perks to this job. Working as a member of the A&R team for amazing is rewarding in itself, but being the one to document all we do at The Amazing Sessions means that I get to be a part of things as inspiring as this week’s recordings from London based songstress Saint Saviour.

Saint Saviour herself, otherwise known as Becky Jones, is currently one of the many artists over at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas – bringing to an end what has to be one of the busiest runs of commitments in a very short space of time. In amongst showcase gigs with the likes of Claire Maguire, going on tour with the hype-magnets that are Hurts, attending the Grammys in LA with Groove Armada and shooting a music video plus general promo for her new EP, we were lucky enough to convince Becky plus her band along to our studios to add to our ever growing archive of exclusive content.

With us on the day were Jonathan Scafidi on bass, cello and vocals, Becky on lead vocals and keys, David Klinke on guitar and Jharda Walker providing vocals plus her talents on harp. The addition of strings to the studio is something we always enjoy as a team; Jharda and Jonathan seemed to compliment each other perfectly whilst adding an extra level of depth to Becky’s song writing.

The songs themselves are flawless – Becky Jones is a prolific writer and an accomplished producer in her own right. With a wealth of experience in various genres over the years, her talents have taken her to renowned festivals the likes of Glastonbury and Creamfields, her diversity as an artist leading her to become one of the most sought after session musicians to boot. Her work with Groove Armada, with whom she shares a manager, led to four of her tracks appearing on their Grammy Award nominated album ‘Black Light’ – commercially and critically successful, this led to Becky being invited on the consequent tour and resulted in a whole new set of fans for her solo ventures.

Again, different to her other work, Saint Saviour is a carefully orchestrated insight into something incredibly special. ‘This Aint No Hymn’ is the first single released from her forthcoming EP Anatomy, available from March 28th and just happens to be one of our highlights from the day. Take a look at their studio performance of it by clicking below.

Recorded in order were:

1) Here In Me

2) Hurricanes

3) This Aint No Hymn

4) Fallen Trees

Both in the studio that day and upon listening back to the above tracks, there’s an overwhelming sense of fragility evoked by their music. I’ve been searching for an accurate way to articulate the dynamic Becky has between being so incredibly delicate and yet so clearly powerful at the same time, but nothing seems to do her justice. In person she seems intensely shy at first, but when she performs it’s with an authoritative amount of confidence in her own ability, and rightly so. It was an absolute pleasure for us to be working with someone as professional and so obviously driven as Becky and her team, I can't wait to hear more from them.

When asked about the session, Becky seemed pleased with the results:

'I really enjoyed the Amazing Radio session, we were all made very comfortable and the staff inside the studio were really warm and friendly, like most Northerners! I felt very confident that the guys knew exactly what they were doing and seemed to have plenty of experience in working to a high standard. It was also a relief to work with engineers who understood my production references and the sound I was going for. In fact it was as good as doing a session at Maida Vale, from my experience.'

You can listen to her tracks on her profile and purchase her Anatomy EP which she’s selling direct to fans through the store on her website She’s also constantly updating her live shows and has just announced a UK tour for the end of April. The first music video they released from the EP (This Aint No Hymn) attracted 84,000 views in the first week and I’m told they’re about to release another one for the second EP track, ‘Reasons’ which Becky tells us is the song that sits closest to her heart. Well worth a listen and I'd strongly suggest booking your tickets to see her live - before they're all gone!