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Over the next two weeks we'll be highlighting the incredible live sessions featured on Simon Raymonde's Amazing Radio show. Former Cocteau Twin, head of indie label Bella Union and Amazing Radio presenter, Simon has invited some of the best new artists to his studio to play live. Amongst them are Manchester's newest stars M O N E Y, grandiose songstress Jesca Hoop and today's feature Simian Ghost.

Layered with bright and delicate instrumentation and glazed with an ice-cool, floating vocal, Simian Ghost's music has been cast with that Scandinavian spell we love so much.

Purveyor's of beautiful, airy pop, Sweden's Simian Ghost was conceived by songwriter Sebastian Arnström, with the addition of little brother Erik Klinga and high school friend Mathias Zachrisson completing the live line-up.

Initially releasing a full-length of self-produced tracks in their native Sweden, they were picked up for UK release by our good friends at Heist or Hit Records and have gone on to release two albums, the latest being the gorgeous Youth.

We couldn't resist bringing them in for a live session and were amazed to watch the delicate balance of sound transfer perfectly to a live environment. Retaining all the ghostly shimmer in the chiming synths and glocks and with Arnström's vocal as emotive as on record.

They breezed through Amazing Radio favourites Wolf Girl, Bicycle Theme and Automation, the last track to be released from Youth. We can only assume this means there is new material on the way shortly. Collective 'woop!'

Check out more from Simian Ghost at their profile.