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We love Sketches. Their erratic rhythms, intelligent guitars and anthemic-indie vocals of Bleed Victoria and Your Name Upon It have been all over Amazing Radio in the last few months. The track above is Lovers, Liars (a sneak preview of what to expect on their forthcoming debut album?) We hope so.

So... the inevitable first question, why the name SKETCHES?

The name kind of came from the fact we could never complete anything we were wholeheartedly happy with. We are trying harder these days and we're almost there but I think the name will still be the same.

How would you describe the band's sound to our listeners, I'm gonna shoot at dark, power groove indie rock?

That sounds rather sinister but it's quite true I guess. Dark, unfashionable pop??

All your songs seem to have that great combination of a strong beat but with melodic and dramatic melodies above it, has this always been the band's sound and direction?

We've always wanted a lot of rhythmic interest in our songs. Bands like Police have been quite an inspiration for us. Their verses are just as interesting as their choruses because there is so much going on under the melodies. Nothing seems to be left as an afterthought. We try and do something similar. Melody is primary, but there can be a lot more to play with beneath it if you wish.

What have been your highlights as a band so far?

We played at Leeds and Reading Festival last year which is definitely a highlight so far. We've had the pleasure of meeting some great people over the past couple of years too. We supported The Thermals on a UK tour of theirs which will be hard to forget and the tour with Tellison this summer was a lot of fun. Any time we play in Scotland is a highlight, we don't know why exactly, but it just is.

I know you guys met in Leeds and are based there, what's your take on bands who feel the need to be in London as opposed to the North, do you think it's hard to break into the South?

London has its benefits but certainly now, a band in the North has just enough opportunity to make a name for itself. London can swallow you up and spit you out. Some of our favourite bands are from the North; Wild Beasts and Everything Everything to name a couple.

Speaking of Leeds and gigging, are there any other emerging artists you would recommend to our listeners?

Leeds has always had a great music scene for as far as we can remember. Look up Sam Airey who has just put out his first single The Blackout and a band called Aviaries. They have a kind of eighties tinge to their music which is brilliant.

As we're the home of new and emerging music, if you were to give one piece of advise to a new band what would it be?

Do. your. own. thing.

How was your experience at The Amazing Sessions studio?

Wonderful. The tea was hot, Chris was already a fan of John our drummer through an upcoming YouTube sensation and Sainsbury's was only a short walk from the studio.

Lastly what's next for Sketches in the coming months?

We begin work on our debut album next week. You will be able to keep up to date with all progression and likely regression through words and pictures at

Check out more from the band at their profile.