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To say we were excited about this one would be a little bit of an understatement. Slow Club make simply gorgeous alt-pop and their latest album, Paradise, has made us swoon and smile in equal measure. The track above is the first single from that album, Two Cousins. After the session we spoke to Charles. We hope you enjoy.

So when we saw you last we managed to sneak you in for a session just before your gig - how was the rest of the tour?

The tour was sooo much fun. Southampton seems to have been a favourite amongst the band.

The new album, Paradise, has just been released - how has this tour differed from those of the 'Yeah, So?' days?

The gigs have been a lot more upbeat and loud!!

As for the album itself, it's a testament to the way I can only assume you both work together. As a listener it's an album that really sounds like nothing else, would you say you've had more creative freedom this time around? A different approach?

We have always had creative freedom but I think Luke Smith (producer) has helped us realise more ideas. We tried to make the record have an identity rather just a bunch of songs. There was a lot of time spent at home just messing with shitty old keyboards and drum machines.

We're all big fans of Moshi Moshi at the station, and love being able to play the likes of yourselves, the Wave Pictures, Hot Club etc. -how did your own relationship with the label come about?

We first met Moshi through Hot Club de Paris. They pestered them for months to sign us!

What advice would you give to those bands looking to put out their own records and get their name out there? Is a record deal even important any more?

There are so many new and exciting ways to get your work out these days. I would say that playing live is the most important thing for a new band to do. Play as much as humanly possible. A record deal is not going to change your life or make you more creative!

When will we see the next single released?

If we're still alive, end of November

How did you find the recording? Is the live room an approach that you're used to?

The live room was cool! I'd always prefer to record live if possible. Always sounds more fun.

So what's up next for you all?

We are recording an EP at the end of the year, which will be out early next year sometime. Still got bit of writing to do on that though. We have a string of Christmas shows in mid December too! Union chapel is the only date on sale at the moment but more shows will be on sale very soon.

Lastly, are there any bands or artists out there that you think we should all be keeping an ear out for?

Francois and the Atlas Mountains, Hornet Leg and The Beatles

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