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After the summer-pop sounds of Theme Park, we thought we'd bring it down a little with this week's session guests, The Slow Show. The hat-tip to The National already gives some indication of their sound which is a blend of American folk-rock influences and grand song-writing.

With the release of their debut EP they have garnered a strong following and were asked to accompany Elbow at BBC Radio 2's In Session show at Manchester Cathedral. A fitting venue for the sort of magnificent songcraft demonstrated by the band.

The band recorded two tracks for us, including Amazing Radio favourite, God Only Knows and new single, Brother. Their impressive musicianship was immediately obvious, their sounds were warm and organic and their instrumentation carefully and meticulously arranged.

It's singer Rob Goodwin's vocal that makes the session though. In a live situation, his voice expresses more emotion than on record, it is faltering, vulnerable and delicate and it demands that you stop and listen.

The Slow Show are currently working on their debut full length. They tell us they have the songs written and they'll be back recording soon.