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It wasn't so long ago that we had Spring Offensive in the studio but with their new single on the horizon we thought we'd revisit their excellent session. We kept one video to ourselves which we can now reveal! It's a brand new, never-heard-before exclusive tune from the Oxford boys. Treading slightly darker territory than their typical indie-pop sound, 52 Miles is an angst-fueled track that swells to crescendo with reverb-laden guitars and chanted vocals. Their new single, Worry Fill My Heart is out on 17th March. We caught up with Lucas (vocals) to find out more about the new material.

Hi Spring Offensive! Happy New Year to you all, did you manage to have some time off over the holidays?

Hello amazing. Thank you. We took a few days off, but mostly because anything you do around Christmas is largely ignored by everyone, as they're all busy stuffing their faces. Thank God it's over.

Last time we saw you, you were on tour in the UK, coinciding with your visit to The Amazing Sessions - how did you find the experience as a whole?

We'd just finished touring in Germany and Switzerland, and only had a few UK dates on that run. But the whole thing was incredible. It's tiring, but it beats work. Well, it is work, but you know what I mean.

As for the session itself, is a live recording something that you're used to? That you enjoy?

We've not done a lot of sessions yet, but it seems a fairly organic way of putting a song across. A lot of bands sound better live, and capturing a performance is what recording is all about, right? Yeah, we loved it.

We recorded 3 tracks during your session with us, are they the first recordings of your new material? What plans do you have for any future releases?

We've got a release planned very soon, but at the moment, this is the only place you can hear the songs. An exclusive. I hope that makes you feel warm inside. Couldn't have happened to nicer people.

We played A Stutter and a Start heavily here at Amazing Radio - a single that you seemed to have a fair bit of success off the back of during 2011. The added value you guys gave to it via the artwork is really great to see too (the artwork was hand-stitched by the band). Is there a single person who takes control of the creative aspect or is it more of a group effort?

We're very glad you like the song. Thanks for playing it. It did seem to go down very well with people who heard it. I think they'll like the newer stuff even more. It's a progression. Matt (guitar) tends to work closely with artists when we put together a release. In this case the artist is called John Newton, and he's provided artwork for us in the past. The really fun bit was hand-stitching every copy. Sewing is hard.

Do you have any advice for those artists who are just getting started?

Listen to your peers, but don't try and imitate them. And if you have any advice for us, please send it our way. We're always learning.

Lastly, who have you been listening to lately - any new band tips we should look out for in 2012?

There's nothing we've heard that you guys aren't all over already! Having said that, Among Brothers should have something pretty exciting coming out soon. And of the bands we played with towards the end of last year, the brilliant To Kill A King are certainly going to do big things.

Check out more from the band at their profile and watch out for new single, Worry, Fill My Heart released in March and a full album on the way shortly!