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For a couple of days every year in May, Brighton is the best place in the world. The Great Escape rocks into the seaside town and brings with it the most exciting new music. We set up camp for three days, hosted a couple of stages, broadcast live and, of course, filmed some sessions.

We've been desperate to catch up with St. Lucia for a while now. The New York based band made their first venture to the UK for the festival and they were at the top of our 'MAKE THIS HAPPEN' list. And make it happen we did. The beach was the perfect place to capture the band's delicious, tropical-summer vibe that laces their eponymous EP.

We stayed up past our bed-time to catch the band at a 2am show later that evening and as a full outfit the tracks gleam and shimmer like nothing else we saw at the festival.

Their debut EP is out now on Neon Gold Records