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The Computers have just been nominated for Best Live Band in the AIM Independent Music Awards 2011. Based on this session we obviously urge you to vote for them. Part of the incredible One Little Indian roster, the band are currently on tour with The Subways and have an ace new album out called, This is The Computers.

So, on the day of the session you were mid-tour - how were the rest of the dates? I remember it having been pretty hectic up to that point...

Well, unfortunately we had to cancel the rest of the shows after that session due to van troubles. It was puffing out a load of toxic smoke making it impossible to breathe in there! It'd been a good tour up until that point. Hopefully our van troubles are behind us now. We just recently played some of the re-scheduled shows and they were great. Keep it up Carlisle.

You were also on the bill for Reading and Leeds, did you get to see any other bands while you were there? Any highlights?

As a previous Reading punter I like to see as many bands as possible, just like one of the normal people (ha). So after a nice roast dinner (!) backstage hanging out with New Found Glory (!!) and 10 profiteroles soaked in the cream of an angel (!!!) I like to get down and dirty with the rest of the kids to watch a lot of my favourite bands.

The best day would've been The Strokes, Pulp, The National, Jimmy Eat World, Madness - but we didn't get to see any of that! The highlight for me though was getting to see Face To Face and The Descendents. They're two of my all time favourite bands and they were great. Also hanging out with New Found Glory was really cool, they seem to like The Computers a lot. What nice guys. Hopefully we'll spend some more time with them in the future.

You're touring with The Subways this October - do you think there'll be much of a crossover between your fans and theirs? Does it matter?

Weirdly enough I think we'll be all right. We played our first show with them last night in Manchester and we went down really well - we're well pleased they asked us along. There is a crossover somewhere amongst the crashing and the smashing of jangling guitars, It's subtle but it's there.

Is everything sorted for your single launch? Must be exciting getting a new track out there - how does it differ this time around from back when you were putting out your EP?

It is exciting. Having new material out there is always a good thing. All we have to do is come up with the artwork for the single, send it off to the label, then a week later it's pressed, printed and on the merch desk. But that's always been the case, even our first single put out on Freakscene was pretty much stress-free. We're lucky enough to have good people with good resources with us. Makes the job a lot easier.

What made you choose to go with One Little Indian?

Well we didn't choose them, they chose us. We were recording in San Diego with John Reis and it was him who initially mentioned us to them. At this

point we didn't have a label - we funded the album recording ourselves. John had released stuff with OLI in the past and thought they were definitely the right label for us. He sent them the album, they came and saw us live in High Wycombe and it ended up being a done deal. It's great to be on the same label as Dan Sartain, we love that guy, also Kill It Kid are really good.They are a cool label to be working with.

What advice would you give to those bands on our site looking to put out their own records?

It's really not as hard as you may think, what with all the home recording equipment these days. My main advice would be make sure the songs are good. There are enough bad songs in the world, what we need right now are some good ones. And keep the artwork simple, remember less is more.

As for the session itself, the four tracks sound reeeally great, especially the new single - how did you find the day's recording? Is it an approach you're used to? Happy with?

Totally fine with. We recorded our album completely live and we play live all the time, so recording a live a session feels totally normal. The outcome is always better for doing it live, it's the way the real bands of the 50's and 60's used to record everything. When bands had to really be able to play. We may not be shredders and you'll never here a double kick, but we can do what we do well. And yes we are very happy with that!

So what's up next - more shows? Launch prep? Feel free to push anything you like. (Those Lacey patches are nice too by the way.)

Glad you like the patches, I expect to see them stitched on an array of garments. Up next is this Subways tour which we don't finish until 9th November in Switzerland. Then we're playing with Hot Snakes in December and there'll be some one-offs. We like to be playing all the time. Then it's all about the second album. The plan is to start recording in January hopefully to be released in early 2012. Watch this space!

Finally, I have to know - did you ever wash those white uniforms?! Or you know, burn them?

We probably should've burnt them or let the be crushed with the good ship LDV, but instead we just washed them. They were glistening white for about two shows and then they were just covered in blood, sweat and beer again, smelling like a tramps towel. Never mind though, it's the effort that counts!

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