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The History of Apple Pie

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Fans of scuzzy, early 90's indie rejoice because we may have just found your new favourite band. Or more likely, you've already heard of them. The History of Apple Pie have been on the lips of every important blogger and broadcaster this year. Ahead of their tour support for The Drums we stole them away for a day in the studio. They performed their new single Mallory live for us, the fruits of which you can watch above. After the session, we spoke to Steph and Jerome from the band.

In the past few months I think I must have heard your name mentioned at least a hundred different times, by a hundred different sources - has being in THOAP been as hectic from your point of view as it appears from the outside?

Being a member of a band is a 24-7 job that you never get away from the stresses of, but it's what we all want to do, so it's perfect really. It's equal parts anxiety and excitement, but when you look back on stuff you only remember the happy bits so that makes it worth it. Most of The History Of Apple Pie work full time, so to see that all the late night rehearsals and hard work is paying off is really satisfying.

We got a quick chance to chat about your background on the day of the session, but for the uninitiated, can you tell us how you all came to work together?

We (Steph and Jerome) are a couple and wrote and recorded some songs in our bedroom. We put them on the internet and got contacted by a few people saying they'd like to release it or give us a gig or whatever so we thought we'd better take it a bit more seriously! We met Kelly through another band we were friends with that was staying at her house, James came from an ad on Gumtree and Aslam was a member of one of James' previous bands.

Speaking of the session - we managed to get you in mid tour to record a couple of tracks with us - ON THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR - how did you find the day? Are you used to recording that way? Or do you prefer a different approach?

We usually record stuff just me and Steph at home - not because we choose to, but for convenience and financial reasons. For the new single Mallory we went into a proper studio with Paul Tipler who did the first Eighties Matchbox album and some stuff with Elastica. It was great especially as we could just concentrate on playing everything properly and just work together with Paul to bring the song together. We're really pleased with how the single turned out!

Our Amazing Radio session was great. Some of the band hadn't been in a studio before and it was the first time we've really heard ourselves live as a 5-piece!

And how was the tour itself - any favourite venues/nights? We're big fans of Male Bonding - did you find there was much of a crossover between fans at the gigs?

I think the favourite venue for us was the Brudenell Social Club. It's got a really good atmosphere and a game of pool is like 40p or something. We were fed this amazing lasagne, too. The tour overall was brilliant and couldn't have gone any better for us. We got to know Male Bonding quite well so we were all pretty emotional on the last night of the tour at Brudenell. The crowd were really great on that night and joined us all at the front to watch Male Bonding play their set.

We started playing 'You're So Cool' a while back now, things seem to have really snowballed for you since that release - were Roundtable Records someone you'd hoped to work with? Can you tell us how the relationship came about?

We already knew Joe at Roundtable and just sent him a message with a link to a few of our tracks saying, "This is my new band, blah blah blah..." and a couple of months later he emailed me saying they wanted to do a single with a video and everything. We knew most of the people that worked on the single already, so we had a really tight knit group of people working on it. Camille, who directed the video, interpreted the song perfectly. Roundtable let us do coloured vinyl and whatever artwork we want... What's better than coloured vinyl?

It's Independents' Week here at Amazing so we're highlighting the work of both DIY bands and labels as much as possible. Can you tell us a little bit about how you guys started and how important, or otherwise, you think the partnership between artist and label can be?

I think as long as neither party is compromising too much and the music is good then you're set! It's important to work hard as well to reap the benefits later. Even though we have a great team behind us, we're also incredibly pro-active and organised ourselves. We get bored and fidgety if we're not constantly doing something band-related.

The new single Mallory is one we all love at the station - especially this session version - I notice that you've got a 300 copy run on transparent yellow vinyl being stocked by Rough Trade - do you decide on formats as a band or is there a massive collectable vinyl fan amongst you?

Lots of bands we're into had coloured vinyl singles. They a bit more cherishable I think. Kelly is the only one who really buys tons of records though!

Tom Furse (The Horrors) remixing the track sounds like a perfect match - how did that come about? And were you surprised/happy with the results?

We've known Tom for a few years and last year Josh asked me to help build their studio for Skying which involved a lot of soldering and patching and fixing stuff. The Horrors have kind of heard us right from the first demos through to now and they've been really supportive, Josh even introduced us to their manager who is now looking after us as well, so we're pretty 'linked' with them.

We didn't really know what Tom would do with the track when we asked him to remix it but we really like it. It's got a total Eno vibe at the end and it's covered in Mellotron. Mellotron is always good.

What's up next for you all then?

We're supporting The Drums on their UK tour which starts November 28th. The London date is Shepherd's Bush Empire, so looking forward to that A LOT! Before then, we're heading to Amsterdam to play London Calling Festival at The Paradiso this weekend - and we have our single launch next week (November 16th at The Shacklewell Arms, London) for 'Mallory'. It's sold out so we're really psyched! After we get back from The Drums tour, Marshall Tellier Records are also releasing a 4-way split single feat. us and our close friends, Gross Magic plus Echo Lake and Novella - so look out for that!

Lastly, who are you listening to at the moment? Any new bands or artists we should know about?

Advert are our favourite band in London, they haven't released anything yet but they really are incredible. We've seen them in their early days and they've come a long way since then. We definitely recommend you go see them! Jerome has just been recording a band called Boneyards who are this excellent garage-punk style band (their drummer, Joe, is also in Gross Magic). Old Forest are this great new band... really riffy and doomy. Remind us of Jerome's dad's old stoner rock band Terminal Cheesecake. We asked them to play our Mallory single launch - really looking forward to it.

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