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The Jezabels are one of Australia's hottest exports. With three EPs under their belt and an album on the way, we grabbed the band while they were on the northern leg of their UK tour for a live session. The track above is the new single, Endless Summer. Amazing Breakfast's Georgie Rogers caught up with the band for a chat ahead of their sold out London date at XO-YO.

How has the tour been so far?

It's been absolutely incredible, we've hit so many places that none of us have been to before or have even experienced as a band. We all really liked Newcastle a lot, and we thought that was a neat place. We didn't know what to expect.

Are you guys pleased with the reaction over in the UK?

The reaction has been incredible and we're overwhelmed with all the nice things that people have said and the support we've received.

Do you feel that at the shows?

Yeah, particularly at at Nottingham, it wasn't sold out (we've sold out quite a few) and it was at a club where you could hear the other music really loud during the set but even then, the crowd made up for it by being really excitable and singing along and dancing. Some people were moshing!

Ha! What's the most unusual behaviour experienced in the crowd?

We once saw a three-person tower which was pretty incredible.. and a week later it happened again! Also, someone threw a tampon at me once.

So going back to the beginning, how did you all get together?

Hayley and Heather grew up together and we all met at university. Our first gig was at Sydney university.

Was Sydney a great place to start out?

At first it was a struggle, it was hard to find venues there, but there were a couple that were open that were supportive. They're gone now which is sad.

That's a shame, there seems to be so much coming out of Australia at the moment...

Melbourne is very supportive of alternate culture, they actually had a massive march to save one of their venues, there's a good music scene in Perth too. Hopefully Sydney is just going through a lull.

Tell me about the album, 'Prisoner', it's out in Australia very soon, when might we get it in the UK?

It's out in the UK next year, we're not certain yet. Around March or April. We finished it in June so it was a very quick turn-over, we gave ourselves a compact amount of time and we belted it out!

What can we expect from it?

It's weird, people have said it's totally unexpected. But there's also a lot of stuff that's similar to the EPs but it goes further. There's a notable trajectory from the first EP to the album. The growth is really evident I think. We get more comfortable with what we're doing. You can hear it in the song writing and arranging.

Why the title, 'Prisoner'?

It's actually an 80's drama about a women's prison in Australia and it came up at a dinner conversation and I thought “That's such a great name for the album!” Once we decided we liked it, it kind of informed the lyrics.

So does the theme enter the album?

It does, but not in a literal sense. It's not about a prison but like an internal imprisonment.

What is next? Are you thinking about new material?

Ha! No, absolutely not. All that's on the horizon for us is just touring and getting in front of as many new faces as possible. We go back home after Europe and we do like 22 shows in Australia and then we go to North America for a while as well. And then we're back here in February.

Make sure you catch them live and keep an eye out for the new album at their profile!