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According to our records, it's almost exactly a year since we first spun Theme Park's early tune, Milk. We praised its intelligent pop sound and Talking Heads influences. A year on and the band have just about completed their debut album, set for release later this year. Given the evolution of their sound, the record is set to be a joyful collection of inventive pop gems.

This summer, Theme Park unveil their newest single, Jamaica which has quite literally had team Amazing locked into an endless, tropical head-nod. We're excited to reveal our live session version above which captures all the joy and happiness of the track. Conjouring images of warmer shores, palm trees and blissed-out summers, Theme Park manage to bottle all the warmth of lazy summer days while invoking nostalgic memories through Miles' lyrics.

Jamaica is infectious with its instant hooks but it's that rhythmic groove that'll keep you hitting the repeat button. Especially once you've let the last minute of the session video wash over you.

The band also recorded an energetic version of Amazing Radio favourite Two Hours. As you can see below, they really step it up live!

Luckily, their live itinerary over the next two months is festival-heavy with appearances at Reading and Leeds, Latitude and Blissfield (amongst others) all leading into the album release later this year.

Stream the new single Jamaica here and watch out for their debut album set to land in October.