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The Travelling Band play a unique blend of country-rock-pop with gorgeous entwining harmonies. Stopping by as part of their hectic tour schedule in support of their new album, Screaming is Something, they recorded a couple of exclusive live tracks for us including Amazing Radio favourite, Sundial.

So when you guys popped in to see us, you had been on the road for a little while and it appears that you're still gigging relentlessly. Would you say that you're a band that lives for playing live and being on tour?

Absolutely, we love being out on the road and that's a big part of who we are as a band. We've come to the end of the tour as such, but it's all festival gigs over the summer, which have always been a big thing for us, and we'll be off to Europe and Ireland as well as another UK tour in the autumn. It's great being out there and meeting people and getting real reactions to the music.

The album 'Screaming is Something' has received great reviews and feedback online. Recorded by yourselves in a church, what was the approach you took? Was everything prepared before going in? Was it recorded mainly live or approached as a real studio type of album?

We spent about 10 days up in the Isle of Mull and that was the initial tracking period for the album. We had a rough idea of what songs we were going to tackle, and we put down the bare bones of the recordings up there. We did another session down south but there were songs we hadn't arranged or worked on that crept in. It's a pretty dynamic process and things can change quickly. Once we got all the live tracking down we did a fair few overdubs, some at home, some in a studio in Manchester.

I remember you saying a few members of the band take the song writing role. How does this dynamic usually work as most acts I encounter have one main song writer, especially in your style of music?

It works well for us. There's no particular rule as to how we do it, but myself or Jo could bring a song to the band, then we arrange it or finish it off. I think as we move on, things will get more collaborative. I think the next record will be different again.

Being a station playing only new and emerging music, most of our acts are trying to be heard amongst the huge noise of talent coming through. Being from Manchester, did you find it harder to break in to places like London and would you say Manchester is a good place for artists starting out?

I think Manchester is a great place to get going. If you get involved, there's a great musical community. We've always had a lot of friends up here. We're quite happy based here and getting down to London for gigs on the tour etc. With the world as it is and the internet etc, I've never though there'd be any need to be down there on a more permanent basis.

As a band who are now gaining well deserved credit for their sound and album, what advice would you give to our emerging artists who are trying to get where you are?

Keep recording and releasing music, on whatever scale. When we started out, we always had an EP or mini album etc. Music we could give to people. And gig as far and wide as is humanly possible. A lot of bands get into a rut of not playing outside their hometown/city, borrow transport and get yourself out there!

How would you sum up your day at Blank Studios with us and the live session?

We had a great time. Really good set up at the studio for us to get in there, put the gear up and put down the songs. We heard the tracking and everything sounded good, so i'm looking forward to hearing the finished session tracks!

Lastly what's the next big step for the Travelling Band, new album? More tours? More shows across the Pond?

We're gonna have a look at the writing of the new album when we get some time over the summer and that'll be the catalyst for getting that going. We wanna keep it at a year between albums this time if we can, so hopefully next spring/summer for that! We're off to do Europe in the Autumn which should be great. The first proper European tour...


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