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Tigers That Talked are a Leeds based four-piece who are currently smack bang in the middle of their busiest few weeks to date. We managed to catch up with them in the short time between their latest London show and their ongoing preparations for a slot at SXSW in Austin, Texas next week.

Together for three years now, the band - singer and guitarist Jamie Williams, Owain Kelly on bass, Chris Verney on drums and Glenna Larsen adding violin – have all come together from being in various bands in and around the constantly thriving Leeds music scene. The amalgamation of their different backgrounds, be it traditional singer songwriters to music degrees and folk groups, might appear strange on paper but manage to compliment each other perfectly in practice. Their joint experiences add a depth to their songs that without doubt warrants the huge amounts of high profile press they've received from the likes of Steve Lamacq at the BBC, the NME, Q music et al - ever since the days of their very first single.

23 Fears is the name of the track that's been in our Amazing Chart for 6 weeks now – currently sitting at Number 5 we thought it was about time we invited them along to take part in The Amazing Sessions, resulting in four great live tracks plus the video you can see.

The four tracks they chose to record are all taken from their debut album The Merchant, a completely DIY release that's gained them significant critical praise, a booking agent and as mentioned, a coveted slot at SXSW. More importantly the album is snapshot of their time together over the past couple of years, a collection of songs that perfectly demonstrates their juxtaposition between being studiously energetic and uplifting, yet ultimately relaxing at the same time.

When asked about the process of choosing songs and whether being a year down the line since the album release makes them reluctant to play the singles, bassist and backing vocalist Owain had this to say:

'The four tracks we've chosen seem to be consistent favourites, both for us and when we get to speak to fans. Obviously 23 Fears and Artificial Clouds have both been singles and The Merchant is the title track from the album. Plus, Holy Saturday, Gloomy Sunday has always been a live favourite of ours.. As for songs we'd rather not play there aren't any really, although we have just started to road test some new ones at our live shows to see how well they do in preparation for our second album later this year...'

'We always make sure we have time to do two practices a week – we like to take a lot of time deconstructing the songs we've written and putting them back together again to see what works and what doesn't, experimenting with new takes on old songs as well as writing new ones. Plus it gives us all an excuse to hang out and play music together two nights a week, which is much more fun than staying in to watch Strictly Come Dancing On Ice Factor.. As for our day with amazing we loved it! We've actually done radio sessions before but never with a full band so it was a good challenge and a lot of fun, we're looking forward to seeing it all come together.'

If you'd like to hear more fromTigers That Talked (which I'm assuming you do) then you can help them out with funding for their SXSW trip by going to and not only buying the album but getting your hands on their current 'Battles' E.P – a collection of remixes, b-sides and exclusive tracks, plus artwork from Nick Scott at and released on a 'pay what you want' scheme in order to help with the cost of visas for their Texas showcase.

On a personal note I really enjoyed this session, they have seemingly flawless structures at the heart of their compositions that somehow manage to make their music beautifully melancholic but without being drowned in unnecessary self pity. The album is great and if you can I'd suggest you get along to the all-dayer that they're hosting at the Pack Horse in Leeds in a couple of weekends' time. Headliners Sky Larkin and That F***ing Tank will play alongside 13 of their favourite bands from the area and if you can't make that then keep an eye out for further shows by the same guys under the promoter name of 'Where Spaceships Go' – gig satisfaction guaranteed.

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