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Tomahawks For Targets

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Joining us for The Amazing Sessions this week were North-East based four-piece Tomahawks For Targets. Their last single ‘Total Collapse Of It All’ did well here at amazing and with excitement building in anticipation of their new EP, due for release in April, we thought we’d invite them down to Blank Studios to record some exclusive material, just for us.

Individually, the members of Tomahawks For Targets have quite an extensive gigging history. Tomahawks themselves have been together for only a year but it’s clear from both the intricacy of their recordings and of course, their live set, that they have a wealth of experience behind them.

Drummer Dave Baron was in Left At Montreal, keys and guitar man Phil was a drummer in a speed metal band, Ross, the bassist, was a member of Yourcodenameis:Milo and lead vocalist and guitarist James has been a session musician for countless other outfits. This diversity of taste is surely in some way accountable for the proficiently complex sound that Tomahawks produce - pop songs but with layers upon layers of intricate parts that leave the more OCD afflicted among us rewinding for another listen after each verse.

Fans of the polyrhythm – ie: two different timings at once – Tomahawks don’t believe in keeping things simple. When asked about the songwriting process, James had this to say:

“We’d put together a few demos and really just formed the band to have a shot at playing them live, which isn’t a doddle as they’re all pretty complex tracks. We’ve always stuck with the ethos that we try to push a song as far as it will go in recorded form and then figure out how we’re going to do it live later.”

This week's video is our live recording of Building The Neo, a track taken from their forthcoming EP and exclusive to and Amazing Radio:

Both Prad Bit and Sputnik are available at the band's profile along with the rest of their debut EP ‘The Total Collapse Of It All’. Building The Neo and The Modern Hunter will be officially released on the 18th April on their second EP entitled ‘More Of The Savage’. Explaining more about their writing process, it seems it’s a group effort that gets the best results:

We like to choose a set of tracks for an EP which we feel sit well together as a cohesive body of work, rather than just picking x number of our most catchy tunes. We've got a lot of material kicking around and we constantly write more. In terms of the new EP a couple of the tracks we demo'd a while back but they've evolved a fair way since then… we tend to just come up with as many ideas as we can and then find a way to make them all fit together. We like to make sure none of our songs sound too similar, pretty much because we get bored very easily and we like to be as varied as possible…"