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We've met Wolf Alice on a couple of occasions and the band have been on or near the top of our sessions wish list for as long as we can remember. Ellie, Joff, Theo and Joel have featured on Amazing Radio as Chris Martin's Record of the Week, as Gary's Crowley Cracker and as our Gig Of The Day on multiple occasions so when the opportunity came to have the band in session, we rolled out the red carpet, dusted off one of our friends' shiny new live rooms and got to work recording the band in session.

Arriving for the session, the band members were in good spirits, clearly enjoying their recent success… Lots of merchandise, a keenness to play and a busy tour manager – all signs of a band going from strength to strength.

The band treated us to Bros and Fluffy and it was clear we were being treated to a band at the top of their game right now, no need for re-takes here.

During the session, Scott McGerty of The Amazing Chart came to play and sat the band down to answer some questions. It was all a cover though, with Scott's real intention to capture the surprise as he told them they'd reached the top of the chart. And capture it we did. Take a look at the interview and the moment they heard about their first chart number one.