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Wall of sound guitars laced with glitchy electronics, Young Liar are an instrumental five-piece from the North-East. Having played alongside the likes of Three Trapped Tigers, Errors and The twilight Sad, the band are a formidable live force and ripped Blank studios apart with their huge sound. After the session we spoke to Joel Thompson from the band.

So the name, is it 'TV on the Radio' influenced or just a coincidence?

I came up with the name when Young Liar was still a solo project. I did nick it from the TV on the Radio EP. Just sort of like the sound of it really. I didn't know at that point that Young Liar would eventually become a proper band but when it did the name just stuck really.

How did you guys all meet and come to be Young Liar, am I right in thinking you are all from other North East acts?

Yes, you are right. Apart from myself, the rest of us have been in quite reputable North East based bands for the last few years. I don't like to think of our lineup as being made of 'ex-members' of anyone though. I prefer to think of everyone as 'current/founding members of Young Liar'

There seems to be a great burst of instrumental bands at the moment such as yourselves, Three Trapped Tigers and Brontide to name a few. Was it always in your mind to be an instrumental band and did you feel it was a bit of a risk?

I can't write lyrics. I've tried and I can only come up with shite. We've been asked a few times before about why we chose to be an instrumental band and to be honest it's not something we've ever made an issue of. We're in to so much different music between the five of us so that's bound to come across in our music.

We're not really aiming for a particular sound, we want to just make music that comes out of us naturally that we're genuinely passionate about. I think that for the five of us to just get into a room and play our instruments without thinking too much about it says a lot more about us as a group of musicians than if we were to sit down and say "right, let's write a song about a girl we've fucked" or "let's write a song about being pissed off at the government". Having said that, we've never had a 'no vocals' rule. Just like Metallica didn't have a 'no solos' rule on St. Anger. It just so happens that none of us can sing.

Listening to your EP it has a really clean sound with hints of electronica throughout. I have seen you guys live and in session and it's fair to say that describing it as a 'wall of sound smacking you off your feet' is probably an understatement. Would you say that you guys are a studio band or live band?

It's hard to tell at this point. We've got millions of bits and bobs of unfinished demos that we're yet to play as a band. We've not really spent enough time together in the studio to be considered a studio band. But at the same time we don't really gig all that often. In answer to your question, I don't know.

what has been your gig highlight so far?

Live At Leeds was class. Can't remember the gig that much but we woke up in Frightened Rabbit's bath in the Hilton. Our EP launch is probably the most we've enjoyed playing a gig. Our first ever headline gig and it was sold out. And we managed to go on after Tide Of Iron and not look like puffs, I think. Couldn't ask for anything more really.

As an emerging act from the North East would you say it's a good scene to be part of right now?

It seems like that for the first time in a good few years there's a load of North East acts just getting on with things. Writing and gigging and releasing records and not being bitter or bitching about things. Which is very refreshing.

Any other acts you would recommend our listeners to check out?

Local acts: Tide Of Iron, Nathalie Stern, Johnny Phonic. Not local acts: Remember Remember who have an incredible new album out.

What's coming up for you guys?

Our first London gig on 21st September at The Bull & Gate. We'd always said that there's no point in going all the way to London unless the gig is right. Luckily Fierce Panda have asked us to support I Like Trains. Which should be mint.

Lastly how did you find your Amazing Session experience over at blank studios?

Very well thank you. A few of us had been there before but it's the first time I had recorded there. It was the weekend of our EP launch and (drummer) McGreevy had knacked his foot falling off a wall the previous morning. So he drummed with a broken foot. And did a very good job as well. It was also the first time we've all heard good quality recordings of what we sound like live. Which was canny good. Blank has a Megadrive.

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