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Yukon Blonde

For a couple of days every year in May, Brighton is the best place in the world. The Great Escape rocks into the seaside town and brings with it the most exciting new music. We set up camp for three days, hosted a couple of stages, broadcast live and, of course, filmed some sessions.

We have to send our love the way of Yukon Blonde, who we dragged through the rainy streets of Brighton to find the sheltered steps you can see. Fresh over from Canada, the boys put on a stunning performance, gathering quite a crowd with their impeccable harmonies and restless energy. And not only that, truly some of the best hair on display at the festival this year.

Yukon Blonde went on to play our stage at The Prince Albert on the Thursday evening to a packed out crowd.

Their second album Tiger Talk is out now, you'd do well to grab yourself a copy.